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Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Mill Grinder

  • ADJUSTABLE POUR: Are you tired of your old salt and pepper shakers and don't even know it? Think about when you only wanted a sprinkle of salt, but your shaker poured out a whole ocean. Or when all you wanted was some pepper on your eggs, but your shaker was clogged, leaving your arm tired and your eggs unpeppered. You deserve better.
  • CLEAR GLASS BOTTOMS: Remember that time you thought it was pepper, but it was actually salt? Never make wrong decisions in the kitchen again. A clear glass bottom so you can easily see what's inside.
  • OUR "LOVE IT" GUARANTEE: It's simple. If you don't love it, you can return your shakers for a full refund. There's literally no risk so don't wait... Press "Add to Cart" and get our premium shakers now.